The Trade In Lunacy

by Driven By Harness

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released April 4, 2016

Andrew Burton - Vocals and Guitars
Brett Allan - Bass
Chris Whitehouse - Drums

Thanks to Keith Scott for backing vocals on tracks 4, 5 & 6

Music by Driven By Harness
Lyrics by Andrew Burton

Recorded by Graeme Young at Chamber Studio
Mastering by G & J Audio

© Driven By Harness 2015 - All Rights Reserved

T: @drivenbyharness



all rights reserved


Driven By Harness Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: Running On The Stairs
Got to get away from the getaway car and when the light comes we'll figure out where we are
Keeping still again
When we're saddled up
When we get back to the line
I want to take a left but you're always taking the right
I don't need anything

Now you're going to lose running on the stairs
Playing with the chains and the changes that we've made
Now it's eating me, wearing on my mind
Hanging by a thread/causing all the strain but it seemed like a good idea at the time

Where the money goes no one really can say
But there's a war in us that doesn't seem to want to be stayed
I'm not innocent
And I am begging you to ask yourself if it's real
Or are you acting out and feeling what you think you should feel?
I don't need anything
Track Name: Dry
There's always a few that get lost in the rain
Gone with the tide as the water escapes
I'm out of my depth here and the falling won't come late
The water will take me but the colour won't renaig for a long time

The voices will raise while the senses will fall
And hearing my name means I'm missing the call
Another civilian who has lost the will to stand
One of the millions who are surplus to demand
Track Name: Records, Tapes and Reels
In my youth it seemed to be that the truth was far from me so I'd play my records, tapes and reels
Those songs were powerful and those words could touch your soul but it's now all copied, pasted beats
And there might be telephones that can teach you all you know but it seems like rock and roll is dead

In my life I need to know there's a safe shelter from the contrived, bland, mass produced machine
It's not just a fashion muse with no heart, I'm begging you to escape with all of what this means
And there might be digital that can fix what's terrible but it feels like rock and roll is dead

In my world I need a door to a place that I can rest my soul but this room's been tainted, stripped and cleaned
It's no good what they sell to you and no truth ever makes the news and it's real to fake it on the screen
But they look you in the eye as they birth the latest lie and they know you're falling now for this
And you don't know any more cause they took it nice and slow and it's all cause rock and roll is dead
Track Name: Scars
Can't expect it all to all fall into place sleeping at the wheel
Looking at the loss instead of what you gain only makes it worse
But there's a lot to take and though it's in the past, I can't let it fade
While I still have the thought I'm sure that I know it's gonna crack again

But I just can't recall the questions in between knocking out my tongue and landing on my feet
It's not all my fault it won't come easily, I'm pouring out my heart have you anything for me?

It's not hard to talk, makes it feel more real slowing down the time
Like a silhouette crawling up the light, blocking out my mind
But how's it going to play with one eye on the wing when you can't see the end?
While I'm getting clear I'm sure that I know it's gonna crack again

But I just can't recall the questions in between knocking out my tongue and landing on my feet
It's not all my fault it won't come easily, trying to stand my ground as I'm backed onto the street
Where lights are blowing out and you don't need to leave
Lining to my sight but keeping it discreet
I'm just warming up but you can't even speak
I'm pouring out my heart, have you anything for me?
Track Name: Services Rendered
I'll just slip away and leave you stranded
Murmur on the page and blame the next man
Look the other way and push you to the hard ground
You can build a frame but I don't have to stand it

Your service is rendered, the tables have turned on your high horse, your recourse
And I don't feel a thing for you now

Twisting at the pain, maybe I'm a cold man
But I don't feel your shame, I don't feel a thing now
You'd put me in a cage and I'm not one for begging
So put your tears away, accept it as a let down

You can't move what you are past and you can't lose what you don't have
So you can reach to better plains or find a fool to play these games
Or exercise your growing worth with slights of hand you're making up
And I don't want to let you down
Track Name: Downtime
Maybe it's a blessing nothing really goes your way
Maybe there's a lesson that you ought to try to take
While you're living there's nothing guaranteed to stay
So you kill it before it can get out the gate

Maybe there's a reason love is always bound to fade
Maybe if you'd leave us we would recognise the space
Cause this silence doesn't serve to speak instead
And your island is growing round your feet again

Now the centre I know has lost its edge there's a feeling I'm sure is not pretend but I'm meant to be out chasing the labels I need
I think the reason you're lost is that you know that opinions and clothes are all for show
And your time should be spent fixing the things that you feel, not see

Maybe this is broken, maybe soon the truth won't sting
Just because you're open doesn't mean it's to the right things
And the ending won't stop until you find a place where depending looks to be the better way; a way that is better than wanting better than what you have now
Someone who's hearing you clearly, chasing the fear and the doubt
Cause everything's making you rush it, rush it or throw it away
It's you who is going to be asking, asking - help with the pain
Track Name: Wearing On Me
Well some people just hurt your soul and seem to make life hard on purpose
It's hard enough to smile without you adding to it
I feel stuttered in your world, you seem to have it sold and packaged
I need to know that somebody's listening

I'm so tired of your abstaining
You just want to believe
I'm so tired and you're all wearing on me

And there's the lesions in your arm, body withered much too often
You'll bleed a little more before succumbing to it
And what's the whisper on your tongue? I couldn't hear the voices stopping
To tell the truth I'm not even listening

The more you are the less I can stand you up and hold you up
We're breaking down but I don't expect your hurt, expect your words, expect your love now